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Okay, so what is this?

This is The Parachute Project, a coaching opportunity to help you ramp up your “in-between” project impact.

The coaching is free, however, we do ask for donations to assist in maintaining the site and the infrastructure.

Don’t, however, confuse ‘free’ with either easy or unimportant! There is rigor here, and commitment – on both sides. There are expectations, and consequences. Delight and discovery.

Our work with you will not help you find a location, or pick a topic. What it will do is enhance and enrich what you are currently learning about yourself in your world.

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Co-Leadership Made Real

Your “In-between” Project is your chance to dig deeply into the learning you gained through the first two retreats. While it might seem like “just another thing to do”, think again! This is not your average ‘workshop’ opportunity. It is a unique way to deepen the learning from your first two retreats, and set you up to go even deeper in Retreats 3 and 4.

The Secret

By now, having done Retreats 1 & 2, your are probably well aware that your In-Between Project has got nothing, and everything, to do with the subject matter.

There is rich learning to be had in this project, and you will be relying on the things you learned in R1 & R2. The coaching will help you weave that learning with The Four Agreements, the energy of your “I Am” type, the principles in the L4 model, Anatomy of Peace and the ropes work.

All those activities serve a purpose – they are designed to connect you with yourself, and then with others. They can be amongst the ‘hardest’ learning in the Leadership program. Through your “In Between” event, you will discover what ‘Blend and Lead’, ‘Break and Give’ really mean. Not to mention ‘stake’, ‘stay’ and ‘full permission’!

Remember that little exercise – the one where you were blindfolded?  The clarity or confusion you felt during the exercise is going to play a big role in your project. Just know that the rich learning that comes from Co-Leading this event, will stay with you, no matter the outcome.

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When you leap, it’s great to have a parachute.

It’s also good to know that your parachute has been properly packed and that the ‘rip-cord’ is working the way it is supposed to!

Our coaches are all graduates from the Co-Active® Leadership Program. They all have at least two years of post-leadership experience with coaching other leaders, using the L4 model. Some of them are even Front of Room leaders for the Co-Active® Coaching Courses.

We’re all serious about the value of the Level 4 Leadership Model – we’ve seen it change our lives. We want you to see it too!